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How To Become A Millionaire

how to become a millionaireThis website is very simple. It teaches people how to become a millionaire. You won’t find any smoke & mirrors here as I just tell it like it is and teach you what you need to do so at the end of my teachings you know how to become a millionaire. After working with me for just a few months there will be no doubt in your mind and you will know how to become a millionaire. But who am I and am I qualified to teach you this stuff? Thats a fair question and I will answer that first.

My name is Lee McKenna and like you around 7 years ago now I started searching online hoping that someone could teach me how to become a millionaire. I searched and searched all day everyday for months and months and that lead to years and years and over them years I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on money making systems online which promised to teach me how to become a millionaire. And I think you know what I’m going to say next. Yes I got scammed time and time again as I got sucked in by so called gurus just after one thing. My money!

How To Become A Millionaire

So as you can imagine I was kind of frustrated and angry. It had been two years of buying eBooks and information products, home study courses, DVD’s you name it I had paid for it and read or watched it and still I could not work out how to become a millionaire. I wanted it so bad I could almost taste the success that I was destined for. And I know that I would never give up and that one day I would come across someone or something that would show me how to become a millionaire. As you know the internet is the first place we all go now when we want to know how to do something. And thats exactly what I done when I was looking for information on how to become a millionaire. Just like your doing right now ;-)

And because I was getting sold all the information products and home study courses, DVD’s etc online which was supposed to help me become a millionaire I automatically wanted to also start my own online business to become a millionaire. After all thats what all the home study courses and DVD’s etc where teaching me. 99% of the information products I bought taught me to setup a online business to get rich so I knew that was the way to go. I had one problem. NOTHING was working for me. I followed everything step by step in all the online courses I took but I never made any sales.

However I never give up because I knew it was possible to make money online. After all I was paying money to buy all this information to learn how to become a millionaire so I figured millions of other people also paid money to learn this stuff to. Which made me even more determined to learn this stuff and start my own online business. After around two years I finally come across a online millionaire. Lets just call him Mr x who took a look at what I had done to try and set up my online business. He took a look at all my websites and products and sales letters and he could instantly see where I had been going wrong for so many years.

To cut a long story short my products where ok but my websites and sales copy I.E. the sales letters on my website which sells the products where rubbish. He told back then that it did not matter that I had a good product because if my sales copy on my website did not convince people to buy then it meant nothing and he was very right. Luckily for me Mr x had a solution for me. Mr x was involved in a money making business opportunity and you could basically plug yourself into the very same system Mr x was making millions with online. The good thing was I did not have to do anything. All the website had been set up for me and all the sales letters had been written and proven to work and make sales online. I got everything done for me and even got all my auto responder emails written which again is just sales copy that tells people to buy your products but its done inside emails directing people to a website.

I had to pay a small fee to join Mr x but boy was it worth it. Now I had a proven online business and the help of Mr x when I needed him. If ever I needed help or need to ask a question all I had to do was pick up the phone. But I didn’t really need Mr x because once I joined the sales just started flowing into my new online business. You see Mr x told me that the reason I was failing to make money online was because of my poor sales copy and sales letters on my site. He didn’t say it was because of the website traffic I was getting because he could see I had plenty of that. You see I’m a traffic expert and when it comes to getting traffic to websites I’m the KING!

And as soon as Mr x plugged me into his proven sales funnel with the traffic I could get the sales just started rolling in and still to this day I can’t stop them. Well I could if I shut my websites down but I would have to be mad to do that right ;-) Seriously since Mr x has introduced me to this proven system I’ve made millions in online sales and now I’m the one who teaches people how to become a millionaire. I would never have dreamed I would be the one doing the teachings just 7 years down the line but here I am writing this blog post trying to help you reading this.

So this is what I want you to do if you want to learn how to become a millionaire. Firstly if you remember me saying I started to make money instantly once I plugged into Mr x’s system. Well the reason for that is because I had website traffic and lots of it. I just was not plugged into the right system back then. So if you want me to teach you how to get website traffic then make sure you enter your name and email below to get your hand on my FREE step by step traffic action plan. Once you do that I will also introduce you to the same system Mr x introduced me. See you on the inside…

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